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“Gather in circles. Instead of looking up, look at each other.”
– Gloria Steinem
On International Women’s Day 2018, we invite you to join our circle at Shecosystem for an afternoon of collective healing in support of Sistering.

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2018-03-08 09:37 am

We believe that self-care is a form of resistance to the patriarchal culture that we live and work in. On this day of international action and awareness, let’s gather and look to each other for solidarity, nurture, inspiration and support. Let’s make space for real, open conversations about issues that really matter. This is not a panel celebrating high profile women in business. It’s not a networking event with goverment officials. It’s a space to recharge and tend your inner garden. A space to celebrate the global rise of the feminine. A space to talk honestly about what pisses you off and find meaningful ways to take action. All proceeds of this event go to support our neighbour, Sistering: A Women’s Place. Sistering is a multi-service agency supporting women from across Toronto who experience first hand the impact of marginalization and poverty. Learn more at In addition to cash donations, we welcome you to bring toiletries (shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, lotions, etc), and at this time, gently used towels are needed as well. Join us on International Women’s Day to… LEARN The Magic of Menstruation with Amanda Laird, Menstrual Mogul, RHN and host of The Heavy Flow Podcast Learn about what’s really happening with your menstrual cycle, why the menstrual cycle is a vital sign, how to use it as a diagnostic tool for your overall health and wellness, and how to harness the magic of menstruation! HEAL Tarot Readings with Kayla Subica of Uplitfiting Tarot Mini-readings to help you reconnect with your authentic self, find your centre, and bloom from there! Reiki with Tasha Jade Banate of Daily Magic Experience the healing benefits of Reiki, with 20-minute sessions; aromatherapy and sound healing may be integrated. JUST BE Decorate a Pussy Cupcake! Write a letter of action or gratitude to someone who is making a change to improve outcomes for women and girls Join a safe and supportive talking circle Take a rest, have a cup of tea, hang out under the Red Tent More details to come….

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+1 416-992-1913

Toronto, ON

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