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You can help our efforts to build a clean, green energy future for Ontario in a number of ways:

Distribute our materials to your friends, families and coworkers. Order copies of our latest pamphlets.

Help us distribute our pamphlets in key areas. We often do door-to-door distribution of our pamphlets to help raise awareness of how we can act on climate change and build a clean energy future. It’s a great way to get some exercise and a great volunteer opportunity for high school students looking for mandatory hours. Contact our Outreach Director Angela Bischoff at (416) 260-2080 ext.1 if you’re interested
Pass on our email bulletins to your online network. If you are not already a subscriber, signup now.

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Get your group or municipality to join the OCAA. There is no cost and you will part of a network of millions supporting action on climate change and cleaner air. Contact our Outreach Director Angela Bischoff at (416) 260-2080 ext.1 if you’re interested in joining.
Find out about other volunteering opportunities by emailing us with your name and phone number at
If you’re short on time, consider financially supporting the OCAA’s important work. We’re a small and lean organization that achieves a lot!

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