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Good News Toronto is a non-profit print & online publication that aims to build goodwill and resources in the Greater Toronto Area by profiling and celebrating the diverse, creative, and compassionate people who contribute to our community.”Good News Toronto: Our Everyday Heroes” is a print and online publication that aims to build goodwill and resources in the Greater Toronto Area by profiling and celebrating the diverse, creative, and compassionate people who contribute to our community and to affect our social, environmental, and economic life in a positive way.

Good News Toronto has no political or religious affiliation and is a not-for-profit endeavour. It is currently a free monthly print and online publication.

Our founding editor and publisher, Eva Karpati, decided to start the newspaper after some visiting friends mentioned to her how dangerous the city had become. They had not personally been victims of violence, but had noticed many reports of assaults, murders and other crimes on the front pages of newspapers and on television and radio.

Thinking of how the hundreds of wonderful individuals and groups of goodwilled people in our midst in Toronto and surrounding areas rarely make it into the mainstream media as lead stories, Eva embarked on the project of dedicating an entire newspaper to honouring them. The first issue of Good News Toronto: Our Everyday Heroes hit the press in February 2008.

Good News Toronto celebrates the inspirational people of our city. From early on, the newspaper garnered the pay-it-forward style positive outcomes it was hoped the project would generate. A mother wrote to tell us that after her young daughter read an article in Good News Toronto, she donated her birthday presents to the orphanage in Kenya that two young heroes had visited. Another reader, an author of children’s literature, donated some of his books to the library in Ghana that was the creation of another Toronto everyday hero. As we are moved by these stories, we become inspired to also make a difference in some way.

The everyday heroes featured in every issue are diverse. The newspaper encourages us to look for and see the heroes in others rather than focusing on evil and what’s going wrong in our neighbourhoods and to treat each other with respect and understanding. Good News Toronto contributes to the idea that the city is a vibrant community. The portrait painted in our paper is of citizens wanting to be involved and engaged — not a city where its inhabitants hide under the notion that it is a dangerous place.

Good News Toronto has attracted professional writers who want to be involved in a fresh perspective on news. Journalism students and high school students aspiring to be writers have joined the team. Visual artists and poets use Good News Toronto as a venue for showcasing their work. Our newspaper has become an important source for mentoring talented individuals. It is also a place where citizens of this city can share the stories of their personal heroes. I look forward to your involvement in this unique publication.

Writer, Grant Writer, Graphic Artist

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