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Have you thought about Volunteering but haven’t made those first connections?
Want to learn a new a new skill or meet new people?
Want to join a group of others doing something everyone enjoys?
Not sure where to start?
What to do?

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WHY VOLUNTEER? VOLUNTEERING is your chance to share your talents and be part of something unlike anything else. No matter what your skills are, we’re certain there’s a volunteer opportunity perfect for you. At the Learning Enrichment Foundation we value your time and commitment helping others and learning new skills. In turn we make these commitments to you: We value your time We know you have a busy schedule and your availability is always a priority. We respect your interests Finding personal satisfaction through your volunteer work is a priority. That’s why we do our best to match you with a position that suits your skills and interests. FOR YOU You can make important networking contacts; learn or develop skills to add to your resume: gain work experience and references. Your self-esteem increases as you feel more confident working with and meeting new people. You may receive in-house training or connections to resources you may not know existed! Most if all you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE COMMUNITY! FOR LEF Organizations like LEF like the energy and new ideas Volunteers can bring. An unique opportunity to better reach the community by expanding, improving and developing new services. Important and immediate feedback on programs and expertise helps us to improve. GET INVOLVED There are many ways to get involved. “Volunteer Connections” brings these resources together whether you are looking for a volunteer position or have one available.

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Toronto, ON

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